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Yazmi has the world’s first dedicated satellite enabled tablet designed for education. TPL is working with Yazmi to position the tablet in the education sector.. 


Yazmi provides a unique and highly cost-effective learning technology infrastructure for rural, remote, and underprivileged areas in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Yazmi's solution is offered to government education ministries as well as private school operators, and also can be an effective solution for health service, disaster risk reduction, and emergency response applications.


  • Students can receive full curriculum for every subject
  • Apps and educational games can make learning more fun
  • Solar-powered charging station can ensure tablet is available for use when needed at home or school
  • Just-in-Time Coaching via Yazmi fully prepares students for tests and exams
  • Every student can have the tools to maximize their education regardless of wealth, access to electricity or internet, or location



  • Can reduce amount of time used for writing on a blackboard and increase classroom interaction
  • Tests can be taken by students on the tablet with reduced marking requirements
  • Just-in-Time Coaching via Yazmi allows teachers to perform well in every class
  • Apps and tools can make learning more fun, improving class morale
  • Can utilize training modules to increase confidence and knowledge of subject matter without having to travel for training



  • Provides uniform reach and benefits regardless of students' locations
  • End-to-end solution can be deployed with little to no extra investment in school infrastructure or data fees
  • Instantly transmit fresh content to all targeted users at no extra cost
  • Ensures uniform quality despite variance in teacher skill level
  • Lowest total cost of ownership of any one-to-one tablet solution


KTN News Kenya - Government to engage Yazmi to deliver satellite enabled tablet computers to schools