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Presentations 2Go - Online Video Learning Platform For Education and Training

Presentations2Go is an easy-to-use new generation online video platform that integrates seamlessly with learning management systems. The cloud solution comes with free recording apps and scale with your needs toward an enterprise video platform. Complete with professional recording appliances and online video server packages.


Presentations2Go will transform teaching and learning empowering organisations, teachers and students to produce and use video presentations as a learning tool, securely and easily.


  • To improve professional skills, feedback is an essential tool for education and training in many settings such as classrooms, skills and learning labs, real live recordings and assignments. It allows students to look at themselves and reflect on their skills and behavior. Presentations2Go video feeback tools can be used to tag specific points in the recordings to give feedback and react. It will give you complete control over who can see the recordings and comments per video.
  • With the video assignments workflow it is easy for teachers to prepare a video assignment and let students upload presentation videos to Presentations2Go using the included apps for review and automatic archiving. The interactive feedback will be saved along with the video for easy debriefing and stored and managed by the searchable video repository.



  • Powerfull capture solutions for rich media production and high-end conference webcasting. Beautifully integrated hardware and software, at an affordable price.
  • Recording of video presentations (lecture capture) of lectures is a key part of video learning. Studies have shown that recording classroom lectures improve student engagement and learning by allowing students to review video presentations from lectures multiple times at their own pace.
  • Use the turnkey Presentations2Go capture appliances for out-of-the-box audio video recording with advanced features and remote monitoring. Presentations2Go can also integrate with existing certified hardware recorders from Extron and Matrox making it easy and affordable to manage, record and auto-publish video presentations.
  • Presentations2Go will allign with your existing IT infrastructure and integrate with course schedules to control and synchronize metadata into multiple recording stations and automatically record, live webcast and publish video presenations. The open API lets you develop any integration with room control systems that's needed.



Video Observation and Debriefing

  • For exam recording, skills and learninglabs Presentations2Go supports video observation in multiple rooms at the same time using cost effective ip-cameras and equipment. It includes content and rights management allowing organisations to define who sees what video along with restricting security and features to individual users.
  • Multi-room video and audio recording can collect so much data that the process of analysis becomes more complicated and time consuming. Presentations2Go will support you to determine the specific observation techology to minimize data collection and archiving time adding tagging, metadata and workflow protocols.

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We are trying to bring more tertiary institutions on board to use our satellite technology in their distance-learning programmes. The government can advance its digital learning agenda by setting minimum technological requirements for mid-level colleges and universities.

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