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Sanako Products

Sanako Products

SANAKO:- is the global leader in providing inspiring teacher led language learning and teaching software and language labs.

Sanako Language Learning Technologies

Technology for Effective Language Learning

Sanako specializes in creating innovative technology for effective and inspiring language learning experiences

We support learners and educators with state-of-the-art digital language labs and software that help inspire and educate future professionals

Focus in all Sanako products has been placed on high quality, ease-of-use and compatibility making them a low-risk, future-proof investment.

Customer values, such as efficiency in education, better motivation and competitive advantage guide our development as a company

Sanako Study Software

Advanced language lab software with classroom management.

Innovative and flexible software for language teaching.

Fully compatible with Microsoft applications and platforms.

Offers a broad range of activities for inspirational learning.

For students: user friendly GUI allows focusing on learning, only necessary functions are available.

For teacher: easy to manage the whole classroom, language teaching activities are one click away.


Sanako Pronounce

An easy solution for improving oral skills in a foreign language.

Many of the benefits of a language lab available wherever a computer and an internet connection available.

Activity-based learning – all core skills can be developed: listening, speaking, reading and writing of a language.

Choice and flexibility: teachers can use whatever content, whenever they want, and deliver it in the type of activity they want.

Individualisation: exercises can be assigned to any number of students from one student to the entire class.

Based on cloud computing providing to the user institution scalability, accessibility and agility.

Sanako Sign Lab

An effective tool for learning sign languages.

Sanako Sign Lab can play the most common video and audio file formats. In addition, you can play back a file while recording your signing. You can open two files at the same time and play them simultaneously, and the playback of the two files can be easily synchronized. This way you can, for example, compare the two videos together in real time, to make self-assessments or to review student recordings.

  • Compare and combine videos easily
  • Simultaneously record your signing and source video
  • Practise sign language interpretation
  • PiP Picture-in-Picture recording
  • Possibility to stream live web camera across local network
  • Can be used outside the class for self-study

Why Choose Us

We are trying to bring more tertiary institutions on board to use our satellite technology in their distance-learning programmes. The government can advance its digital learning agenda by setting minimum technological requirements for mid-level colleges and universities.

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