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Our Experiences

  • Digital Literacy Program

    Digital Literacy Program: - Technology Partners Ltd is working in partnership with JKUAT – Positivo Consortium to deliver the Government of Kenya’s Digital Literacy Program (DLP) through a multi stakeholder engagement. This is a national program being implemented countrywide. The focus of the program is to enhance learning in all public primary schools in Kenya through the use of digital technologies Read More
  • Mobile Technology

    Mobile Technology: - Technology Partners Ltd has been at the cutting edge of technology. We successfully piloted the first ever mobile-learning initiative for the Ministry of Education which we named SEMA (School Education Management Application). This was pioneering project that blazed the trail for m-learning in Africa. Since then many similar initiatives have taken off especially in South Africa. A teacher registers by sending his or her personal details in a certain format by SMS. The teacher’s registration request is sent to a senior officer already registered for verification. The verifying officer does the final acceptance that will lead to the teacher being confirmed in the system. This is done to ensure that only valid teachers are in the system SEMA has additional features such as convene which can used to create a calendar of events. The system automatically reminds those targeted 24hrs before the event. The feature can be used to create a calendar for all events in a year Read More
  • Microsoft East Africa Partnership

    Microsoft East Africa Partnership: - We also work closely with Microsoft Education providing support to various projects undertaken by Microsoft education in the region. We are also Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller and member of Microsoft Partner Network. We have been involved in providing training to schools supported under Microsoft CSR project. The most recent training programmes we have delivered for Microsoft are as follows: In additional we have worked with Microsoft to deliver community programmes like supporting girl child education and promoting excellence in schools by providing awards for teachers and student during TPL organized education days. The education days have had very good resonance with communities. Read More
  • iNable USA: Projects for the Visually Impaired

    iNable USA: Projects for the Visually Impaired: - We have worked with the international NGO known as iNable of USA in providing IT enabled tools for visually impaired schools and students. At the Thika School for the Visually Impaired we provide computer lab of 50 terminals based on LG Zero client and 100 laptops for the visually impaired students. We also installed NVDA and Zoom Text which are indispensable software tools for the visually impaired. At St. Lucy Igoji and St. Oda we installed Ncomputing technologies and NVDA and ZoomText. Read More
  • Samsung Electronics East Africa

    Samsung Electronics East Africa: - We also supported Samsung Electronics East Africa in their outreach project to 2 technical training institutes, namely, PC Kinyanjui technical Training Institute and Kabete Technical Training Institute. At the Thika School for the Visually Impaired we provide computer lab of 50 terminals based on LG Zero client and 100 laptops for the visually impaired students. We also installed NVDA and Zoom Text which are indispensable software tools for the visually impaired. Our scope of work for the establishment of Samsung engineering Academy involved guiding in the process of developing training manuals and identifying trainers for the Academy. Read More
  • Kenya Community Development Fund (KCDF)

    Kenya Community Development Fund (KCDF): - We have been providing training support to KCDF to partner centre St. Martins Girls. The training is an 8 months course covering business and ICT and participants are mostly orphaned or girls from poor background waiting to join university or colleges. Read More
  • Universities and E-Learning

    Universities and E-Learning: - Universities are at moment looking for ways of reducing operational cost while at the same delivering quality teaching. Universities are at same time faced with skill short with best trainers localized in large cities. E-Learning offers an opportunity to address the imbalance. Technology Partners Ltd has keen interest in ICT for Education and works closely with universities and college in providing solutions. Read More
  • Community Participation and Stakeholders Gatherings

    Community Participation and Stakeholders Gatherings : - We have organized several education day events in collaboration with Microsoft. Example below was an event bring together 7 schools in Bondo District and was officiated by District Commissioner, Education Officers, NGOs and Microsoft staff members. We also organized various events celebrating Child Internet Safety that draw major stakeholder such as Ministry of ICT, Microsoft and Police department. Read More
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We are trying to bring more tertiary institutions on board to use our satellite technology in their distance-learning programmes. The government can advance its digital learning agenda by setting minimum technological requirements for mid-level colleges and universities.

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