Universities are currently looking for ways of reducing operational costs while at the same delivering quality teaching. They’re at the same time faced with skill short with best trainers localized in large cities. E-Learning offers an opportunity to address the imbalance.

Technology Partners Ltd has a keen interest in ICT for Education and works closely with universities and colleges in providing solutions. We have consulted with the following institutions and universities:-

  • Kenya ICT Board Consultant development of specifications and tender documents for unified communication and network operating center systems
  • Developed ICWE Africa as a pan-African event management company with a focus on ICT for development, training, and education
  • Worked in partnership with Osano & Associates to develop the Government Information Technology Management Frame (GITM). This was a World Bank-funded project.
  • Consultant for DFID, 2003 to 2007 and developed an evaluation framework for software used in Kenyan and African schools